Forum News: …and we’re back

Hello Sega-addicts! It’s been a while since I last spoke to you about the forums, but they’re still there and increasingly being used. So what’s your excuse; how come you’re not in there yet? I think it’s about time you join them, trust me, you won’t be disappointed, and if you are it’s a forum so you can make a topic of something that interests you. In fact, you’re encouraged to do that!

This week, since it’s my first one in a while, I’m just talking about some of the most recent interesting threads. Don’t feel like you have to confine yourself to them though, if you see an older one that you have input for, go ahead and bring it back. Hit the jump to hear about what’s going on in there right now.

Usually at Sega-addicts two important things happen every week related to our forum. The first thing is I give you challenges to do in the forum. Since I’m bringing this feature back for the first time in a couple months there aren’t any challenges, so I can’t talk about them. I’m also not going to give you any this week because I want to ease back into this feature and I don’t want to scare off new readers with a list of things to do just yet. The second thing is we have a thread dedicated specifically to the podcast that was released that week. That also didn’t happen, instead we have a thread dedicated to the Capcom mini-series of podcasts. It’s a good idea because it saves a lot of redundancy in the Sega-addicts Podcast section, but it also lets you talk about games that are related to one another in some way before or after they are talked about in the podcast.

Here's my favourite Sega-related Capcom game.

While we’re on the topic of video games the Sega Gaming section features a couple of interesting threads right now. It seems like everyone’s talking about that recently(ish) announced Dreamcast Collection. A lot of the feedback seems to be disappointment in the fact that Sega is releasing only 4 games, 2 of which are already everywhere, and the other 2 which are less than widely appealing, to say the least. Also the cover sucks. What a great segue; the other popular thread right now is a Crappy Box Art thread. I’m always checking back on this thread, it’s just so great. Some of the stuff that gets posted in there is jut ridiculous. It also seems to have inspired new Sega-addicts writer John Doherty’s recent feature on terrible Master System box art. Even if you’re up-to-date on the thread his article is worth a read because he found ever more terrible art and has quite a few interesting comments on what he did find.

On the non-Sega gaming front things were much quieter, no real surprise there. There was some talk of the new XBLA and PSN game Stacking. Personally I haven’t heard much about it, but a few people seem interested in it, so I’m tempted to check it out. It’s by the same people who made Costume Quest which was also popular in our forums when it came out. Uh oh, it looks like Double Fine Productions is giving Sega a run for it’s money around here. Also recently released is Marvel vs Capcom 3, which has a thread in there too.

Sometimes playing Sega games, and increasingly playing Double Fine games, gets tiring…on your stomach. To combat this we have a whole section devoted to food in our forums. By far the most popular thread recently is the one about pie. Damn right, pie! I’m not going to spoil the discussion, but there is a lot more going on in there than you might expect. And all of it sounds delicious in some way.

Here's my favourite pie.

In the Music/Movies/Books/Comics/Stuff section we talked mainly about movies. A really recent thread is the Crappy Movie Addicts thread. This has tons of potential because there are loads of over-the-top terrible movies which are fun to watch purely because of how bad they are. By the way, on a highly unrelated note do not see I Am Number Four, that movie is terrible, but not in a fun way, it’s just highly derivative. Back on topic we also discussed other podcasts. I know it sounds like high treason, but we’re friendly people here at Sega-addicts. In fact we have 2 podcasts ourselves! Finally we talked about The Mystery Team and Childish Gambino/Donald Glover. Those names may sound strange to you but if you’ve ever seen Community (if you haven’t, why the hell not?) Donald Glover plays Troy. He also has his own movie The Mystery Team which is freaking hilarious. It used to be a bunch of Internet shorts through Derrick’s Comedy. Anyway, check it out because it’s awesome.

This is typically where the challenges go, but as I mentioned I won’t be doing them this week. I will give you kind-of and informal challenge though: post a lot in the forums and have fun. Yeah it’s pretty after-school-special of me, but suck it up, next week it’s going to be like boot camp over here. That said, have a great week, Sega-addicts, I’ll see you in the forums.

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