Forum News: A fresh start

This is how fresh we're talking here.

Hello Sega-addicts. It’s Sunday again, which means it’s time for Forum News. Don’t worry, this week won’t be as bad as usual because I no longer have to steal Internet to write this feature. I have so much time now! Time to think up another excuse for why it sucks so badly. While I’m doing that, you should join the forums. It’s the fastest way to understand what I’m talking about in this feature. So go do that, then hit the jump and read about what we’ve talked about.

So how about those challenges? I guess we really didn’t have challenges this week. Technically the only challenge was to complete the challenges from last week, but I wrote that into the last paragraph of a very quickly thrown together post, so I don’t really expect anyone to have seen that, let alone keep reading that far, so we’ll just forget that any of that happened and give us an honourary gold star. Way to go team!

You got an A!

This week the theme for Sega-addicts seems to be “new stuff”. For example, after a week off the podcast has a new format with new sections. As always we have a thread dedicated to it in the Sega-Addicts Podcast section of the forums. Tell us what you think about the new format and help improve it with your input. You might’ve noticed another new thing last night: Matt Jay’s Trippy Games feature. You can tell him what you think about it in this thread, or you could recommend some crazy games for him to cover there as well.

Keeping with the theme of “new stuff” the Sega Games and Consoles section saw some discussion of a brand new Sega I.P. on iPads and iPhones: Kingdom Conquest. This game seems to be a mix between Civilization and Phantasy Star Online and it is an MMO. How do you guys feel about Sega creating a new I.P. for a platform that has so far only been home to ports of their old games? Does this kind of game interest you? Do you hate Apple and thus don’t own anything to play this on? Tell us your answer in the forums.

Kind of looks like Phantasy Frontier Ville.

On a completely unrelated note, everyone likes food, and everyone likes eating really good food. This consensual feeling prompted the creation of a new thread in the Bananas and Pepsi Max section about eating awesome stuff. Actually it was inspired by this video created by Internet celebrity and Sega-addict Manic Maverick. Take a minute to watch that then come back. Did you see it? An ice-cream sandwich made with waffles. Incredible. So here’s how it works: if you go out and eat something delicious, come back and tell us about it. For instance in there right now we have soft tacos, mac-and-cheese pizza, Golden Oreo Cakesters, homemade steak pie and homemade aloo gobi. If that doesn’t make you hungry, you probably just ate, in which case go tell us about it!

Even the Non-Sega Gaming section had a thread about a new thing in it. The game Amnesia: Dark Descent is coming out and several people are excited about it. Basically it’s going to be a proper survival horror game about surviving and being scared. Unlike many horror games of late this one looks like it’s actually going to be scary, so that’s a definite plus. There’s also a thread about Halo Reach. I’m sure there are a lot of people excited about this game, so if you’re one of them, get in there and talk about it.

It's certainly darker than any game I've seen for a while. HA!

The Bar was as weird as it typically is. There was some PSP discussion, cat pictures, story time, the word delicious, and a fake/really hard Dreamcast contest. All that despite the fact the thread wasn’t really as busy as usually. There was also a hint of social justice in this section. I for one am tired of not being able to find backgrounds because my monitor resolution is 1366×768. Likewise Saiyavenger’s monitor is 1440×900. As members of marginalized groups we’re standing up against those who put us down, we’re claiming our right to have backgrounds readily available at these sizes. If you have or know of any images these sizes post them or links to them in that thread. You’ll be doing many people a favour.

Surprisingly the section with a consistently high amount of activity, the Music/Movies/Books/Comics/Stuff section, had no new threads this week. How does that happen? There’s always something new in there, and on the week where there’s something new everywhere else this section has nothing. I’ll have to address this problem with challenges!

Segue! That brings us to this week’s challenges. I expect extra effort to be put into these ones.

  1. Post a new thread in the Music/Movies/Books/Comics/Stuff section.
  2. Get the post count to 2500.
  3. Someone post a picture with a Double Down Dessert (waffle ice cream sammich).
  4. Post some backgrounds in the 1366×768 thread.
  5. Keep the “I ate something great today” thread full (HA!).

These challenges are pretty easy, so I feel like we can do them all this week. I have faith in us. That and the week off from the challenges should give us the posting energy we need to do it. See you in the forums.

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