Forum News: We are strange people

Pictured: the Sega-addicts writers at the last office party.

Hello again Sega-addicts, it’s time for Forum News. What a great time to join the forums if you haven’t done that yet. And if you have, that’s great, why aren’t you posting more frequently? You don’t actually have to answer that, but you should get in there and post away. There has been some really interesting, and somewhat strange discussion going on in there this week, and now is as good a time as any to become a part of it. Hit the jump to hear about sensual podcasting, living games and more!

So last week I made a fool mistake and completely forgot to talk about The Bar, one of the most consistently crazy sections. The Bar thread is just about always crazy, and last week (as well as the week before last) was no exception. I’m trying to avoid spoilers, but right now you can talk about anything from the meaning of green kangaroos to “Log Ladies”. It’s pretty crazy in there.

The ones in the forums are way better than this.

As for the Sega-addicts group of sections there wasn’t really a whole lot going on this week. In the podcast section we had the weekly podcast thread on Shenmue which is pretty exciting. Keep checking back to our forums for this week’s podcast thread. The Shenmue thread seemed to inspire Manic Maverick to create the Open/Breathing World Games thread over in the Non-Sega gaming section. Personally I really enjoy games like this where the world seems to literally be alive, so it’s really cool to see some discussion on them.

In the food section, in addition to continued discussion of the greatness of Cornets, we also now have a thread for pickled edibles. If you enjoy anything pickled you should get in there now to have your say first because this thread just dropped today, so there hasn’t been much action yet.

Moar lyek dis.

Finally in the Music/Movies/Books/Comics section we continued discussion on Crappy Movies. There are so many in there, and we all want more, so if you know a terrible movie or enjoy watching terrible movies, this is the best place for you to be right now. We also talked more about podcasts other than our own wonderful one…which has never featured me. While I go cry you should tell us which podcasts you love, hate, or listen to sensually. Right now the focus is on sensuality in there, which is just great. Do you light candles when you listen to podcasts? Do you do it while meditating or doing yoga? Is our podcast the back ground noise to your beautiful passionate love-making? Probably not, but if it is, share your secrets with us!

Yeah, we’re odd people, but that’s part of the appeal. This weirdness is always present in our forums, so why aren’t you? Informally our challenge for this week is to have lots of activity in the forums. I’ll see you in the forums, Sega-addicts, have a great week!

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