The Sega Addicts record episode 49 tonight!

One episode to go until episode 50! That means there’s less than one week to get your entries into our 50th Anniversary Giveaway Extravaganza!

Tonight’s episode will be about the Panzer Dragoon series. It’s an amazing series that hit its peak in handheld form with Panzer Dragoon Mini on the Game Gear. Okay, maybe that game isn’t so great but how about Saga? That seems to fetch quite the pretty penny on eBay these days. A well deserved pretty penny.

And like usual if you’ve got some listener questions please leave them in the comments below and we’ll do our best to answer them. We promise.

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  1. Firstly, awesome banner for this week’s topic.

    My questions are numbered to weed through my ramblings:

    I played through Panzer Dragoon Saga and once the credits finished I found my game data said I only actually had 60% of the game complete, which is awesome and nuts. (1) Has anyone 100%’d the game?

    Again with Saga, I enjoyed how they created their own language for the game. (2) If that language was replace with the same “language” used in The Sims games do you think it would be more or less epic? I know it would surely be more entertaining.

    I just heard word that the Nintendo 3DS would have downloadable GameGear games, (3) what do you think the chances are that Mini will be on the 3DS download service?

  2. Thanks, Scotty! It has been an honor serving as podcast header artist for these last 49 episodes–thanks everybody for all your comments! I’ll be excited to start up again after the break. And I can’t wait to see which header will be chosen for next week’s!

  3. So I’m a terrible Sega Addict and have never played a Panzer game :(. Where should I start?

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