The Weekly Contest: Bug! and Outrun 2019

The winner of last week’s Weekly Contest is…. sonfan!

I’ll be emailing you shortly regarding your prizes of Cosmic Carnage for 32x and a PSN code for Sega Rally Online Arcade. Congratulations!

This week’s contest is for Bug! on the Sega Saturn and Outrun 2019 for the Genesis.

Entering the contest is simple because every comment you leave from now until we record the next Sega Addicts Podcast (July 21st) gives you another chance to be the winner.

Hit the jump to find out more information on how the winner is determined.

How to enter:

It’s simple really. Every Thursday, all of the comments left on any post on the site will be totaled up. Every comment you leave gives you one chance to be drawn as the winner of that week’s prize. So, the more commenting you do the better chance you have to win, but you do have a small chance of winning even if you only leave one comment that week.

Comments that are not relevant to a post will not count. They also have to have substance. Just saying “Awesome” on every post will get you nowhere, son. As long as you’re praising the author for a job well done, asking a question, adding some information, or even debating against one of the author’s points, your comment will count.

At the end of every week period the comments will reset. Even if you left a bunch in the past, you’ll have no entries unless you leave more in the next week. But just think if you’re a big commenter you could potentially win two or more games a month! Wowza!

Readers Comments (11)

  1. Oh snap, Bug! Let the posting begin!

  2. Well, there are like a million news post up right now… strange day…

  3. A good sign for Sega and their 20% market thing!

  4. Bummer! Wanted me some Rally! Congrats though sonfan.

    Nice to see Bug! will get some love next podcast. I’ve never played OutRun 2019…looks interesting to say the least. There were a whole bunch of interesting OutRun sequels, really, between that, OutRun 3-D and OutRunners.

  5. bug all the way cool game loved my saturn

  6. that bug guy looks familiar. hmm…

  7. He might look familiar because of our resident Sega collector, Mr. grolt!

  8. OHHHH, thats probaly it then. i knew i’ve seen him somewhere

  9. Never has there been a smugger image than that of Bug! on the cover of his Saturn game. Naturally, it had to be my avatar!

  10. I think I had bugs for (My) saturn when I was young my nan gave the saturn to me less then a year ago unfortuntaly it dosent work and the only game it came with was virtual fighter…

  11. So this week’s collaboration game would be BUGRUN 2019.

    BUGRUN 2019: a futuristic arcade-racing game. Think of Earth Defense Force but from the role of the bugs, and really all the bugs are doing is having a great big race across the universe, but Earthlings keep trying to kill them. Those pesky Earthlings!

    Race on tracks from every planet/movie set you could think of! So many that I can’t even list them! Secret unlockable characters include Batty from Fern Gully and the entire gang of bug-riding idiots!

    Rated: BJ

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