Yu Suzuki reveals ending for Shenmue

With the pending release of Shenmue City and Yu Suzuki hinting at the possibility of Shenmue 3,  2011 has been filled with a great deal of Shenmue buzz. Yu Suzuki teamed up with Mega 64 at GDC last week to take a joking look at how he intends the Shenmue saga to end. The skit features Ryo  chasing Lan Di to the United States with his hoover board and opening a Lucky Hit in New York City.

It’s awesome to see that Yu Suzuki is comfortable poking fun at his own franchise. Do you find the parody funny or is the premise a bit too asinine?

[Source: Mega 64]

Readers Comments (2)

  1. I thought this was hilarious, but then again I love Mega64, so I may be a bit bias.

  2. Mr. Suzuki is more predictable than I thought. The only thing I was wrong about was that I figured Ryo would end up fighting on Mars rather than fighting on the moon. Silly me.

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