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Moar lyek dis?

Hello Sega-addicts, it’s that time again where I ramble on for hundreds of words about something most of you don’t do despite the fact that all of you should. That’s right, it’s Forum News. So if you haven’t joined the forums, what better time is there than right now? Well, probably next week when I’ll do the same thing; that will be a good time to join. But hey, you’ve got the time to join if you’re reading this. If your connection’s fast you could probably join in under a minute. Besides, we’ve got tons of crazy stuff going on in there this week, including an embarrassing photo of me with hipster glasses on. I know, sealed the deal right? Well hit the jump to learn about some more great stuff about the forums this week.

The Sega Addicts Podcast section seems to be the busiest one lately, and with good reason: we’re almost ready to release our 50th episode! Do you want your voice heard about the podcast? Well get into the 50 Episodes thread and make it heard. Your feedback will be taken into consideration. Personally I would love to see Francis make a comeback, but maybe you would like to hear the guys do a 25 minute kazoo medley to start each episode. Well chances are low that anyone except you would want that, so if you don’t make yourself heard no one else will. Though there is also a chance someone will recommend something terrible, like a kazoo medley, in which case your absence could lead to the adoption of that thing. A lot is at stake here, so tell us what you think!

Also in the Podcast section we have a thread on the most recent episode, number 49: Panzer Dragoon. Personally I never got a chance to play these games, so this episode is one of many where I feel like I’m learning when I listen. Thankfully that never happens when I listen to the Sega-addicts Writers Room! Just kidding, that’s a great podcast as well, and it too will be seeing a Reboot in the coming weeks. I’m not going to repeat my spiel about the importance of open discussion, but the same stuff applies here. Finally, if you’ve ever won anything from our site or if you’ve ever wanted to see what’s been won, head to the Contest Thread right away to talk about it.

On the Sega gaming front apparently we are all collectively enthralled with the Crappy Box Art Thread. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I mean, come on, check this out:

This monkey kills cops.

See what I mean? That shit is nuts. Also, 10 punk rock points to anyone who catches the reference I made in the caption there. As for non-Sega gaming we’re still discussing breathing world games up in there. More recently we’ve also started discussing Pokemon Black/White and the new Homefront game. If either of those games float your boat get in that forum and talk about them! If you’re like me and haven’t started playing Black/White yet because you’re trying to catch-’em-all for real and you don’t have more than 417, give up, it takes forever and isn’t worth it.

After gaming it’s always nice to have a snack, so why not Pickled Edibles? Pickled foods are quite delicious, and apparently a large portion of the Sega-addicts community agrees, as this thread has been going strong for a few weeks now. Also in the food section we have the new Breakfast food thread. Personally I’m a huge fan of breakfast foods and I often eat breakfast foods for other meals as well.

The Music/Movies/Books/Comics/Stuff section saw the continuation of the Crappy Movie Addicts thread. Seriously, my backlog for movies that I need to watch is getting ridiculous over here. If you love movies that are so bad they’re good get in there now! We also now have a thread all about funny TV shows as well. Which reminds me, WATCH COMMUNITY.


Finally, we have the Bar, which is always blowing up. This week the Bar thread was all about biscuits and the National Biscuit Association (NBA). I tried to watch some of their biscuit contests the other day, but ESPN was showing basketball instead…weird eh? We also discussed hats and boobs in the Hat thread. You can be the first kid on your block to make a boob joke if you want! The biggest news of the section, however is the brand new Q & A thread. If you’ve never done something like this before let me explain how it works: someone asks a question, you answer it and then ask a new one, then someone answers that and asks another new one, and it keeps going FOREVER!!!! It sounds lame but it’s approximately as addictive as Sega software, so I can see this thread lasting a while.

Finally, I guess I should do this since I talked about it in the intro. The Post Your Last Purchase thread is a thing, and in it I posted a very embarrassing picture of myself. If you want to see me do more embarrassing stuff, keep the forums busy. Have a great week Sega-addicts.


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