Anarchy Reigns delayed till 2012

For those excited about playing this game in Fall of 2011, I have bad news. The Max Anarchy site, which is the Japanese title for the game, is now listing the game arriving in January 2012. It had originally stated Fall of 2011. What’s unclear about all of this is whether this is a world-wide delay, or just a Japanese one. I”m sure once we get an official statement about it things will be cleared up.

Anyone else super bummed that they have to wait a little longer for this game?

[Source: Andriasang]

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  1. way to RAIN on my day
    hahahahaha…. get it? anarchy reigns, rain, bad news….
    that was a bad joke….

  2. I <3 puns!

    I appreciate your humor sir.

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