Sonic 4 Episode 1 Windows Phone port priced and dated

It’s been a long time coming and even though it’s already been on every other device imaginable, those of you with a Windows Phone can now rejoice because Sonic 4 Episode 1 is coming to Windows Phone. The game is part of Microsoft’s ‘Six Weeks of Smash Games’ promotion and reside on the 4th week on the 15th of June. It shall also cost about $7.

So finally all of you fans who don’t own literally any other platform can now play Sonic 4. I’m sure this applies to at least maybe one person in the whole world. If so then congratulations! Enjoy it (if you can).

[Source: Xbox]


  • Josh Newey

    Sir, I reported on this ages ago, sir. Without a date or price but, whaddyagunnado?

  • Stevie Grant


  • Stevie Grant

    Fixed it.

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