New Sonic Generations details revealed in new Nintendo Power

While there has been many various rumours regarding a 3DS version of the upcoming Sonic Generations game, it’s existence has finally been confirmed through the next issue of Nintendo Power magazine. The actual issue reveals that both classic and modern stages will take place in side scrolling levels.

More important however is the reveal of classic Robotnik who will make another appearance next to classic Sonic. Also expected are new versions of the famous Casino Night Zone. These details definitely sit well with me and personally I can’t wait for for either versions of Sonic Generations to be released near the end of this year.

[Source: Neogaf and Destructoid]

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  1. Good for 3DS owners, I guess, without any special 3D innovations announced (yet), it seems pretty silly to get this one when the PS3/XBOX versions should blow this out of the water in every category. Other than portability, but really, who wants to play a precision game of speed on a crammed bus or a bumpy road?

    • The 3DS version should actually stand out pretty well from the 360/PS3 version. Where as the console version has the contrast of Genesis Sonic with modern 3D Sonic (a la Sonic Colors) the 3DS version is strictly 2D and contains Genesis Sonic and Sonic Rush styled gameplay. So, it sounds like both games will be drastically different experiences. Kind of like Sonic Colors on the Wii and DS where both games had very little in common.

  2. i saw some classic sonic screens and it looked plain which is to bad

  3. @Alex
    Actually Colors for the DS and Wii has a lot in common except for the gameplay. They both have the same stages, the same bosses, the same music, the same story, but the DS has actual special stages and it’s excusive wisps.

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