SEGA Rally Online Arcade is now on PSN

SEGA Rally Online Arcade has been out on XBLA for awhile now. Due to the PSN outages it was unable to be released on Playstation 3. However with PSN coming back online Playstation owning Sega fans can now get their hands on the game.

The game is $9.99 and worth every penny. It’s a quick and enjoyable racing game. Anyone here planning on picking this up?

[Source: Playstation Blog]

  • I plan on reviewing it if we can get a review copy, or I can figure out a way to get 99 cents into my PSN account (because for some reason it hates my credit card).

  • It’s definitely a great port of the recent arcade games. I’ve been playing it on XBLA and its a nice slice of Sega arcade racer and sits nicely alongside my personal favorite racing game, Outrun 2.

  • ninjajosh

    hmm… not sure if this will sell this month because PSN users get 2 free games out of a list of 5. since they will be enjoying those they may miss this one

  • Stooball

    This is a great Sega Rally, and I really like Sumo Digital and what they did with Allstar Racing. Still trying to find time to unlock everything

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