Street Fighter III: Third Strike gets an XBLA/PSN trailer

Straight from E3 comes the above funky trailer for the XBLA (and PSN!) port of Street Fighter III: Third Strike. This Dreamcast port features enhanced visuals and a ‘youtube sharing’ feature where you can view your best replays.

Even though I have yet to play this game, I am looking forward immensely to this port, since I love the old Dreamcast fighters this was a part of. And this if anything, promises to be a perfect recreation of it. But what about you? Are you excited by this trailer or not? Let me know in the comments!

[Source: Destructoid]

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  1. While the youtube sharing is an amazing feature, these enhanced graphics are really poor. Honestly I think the 15th anniversary collection that includes this game is a better deal.

  2. whats with these games not being on PSN??

  3. My favourite move in this game was Ryu’s side step kick, (yoga flame movement with any kick)

    I was hoping it would be somewhere in any of the sequels but no luck! Although I was happy to see the Mestu Shouryuken.

    I agree with John though, the maybe they should release the 15th Anniversary instead? What a great deal that was too, including the animated SF 2 movie!

  4. ninjajosh:

    whats with these games not being on PSN??

    Woops! I’m an idiot. Yes it looks like it was always coming to PSN. I just forgot that fact. DERP. Fixed the post thanks.

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