What we’ve been playing: Week of 12/6/2011

Woah it feels like a whole week since I’ve done this. Yeah that’s right, another Tuesday installment of this section where some of the writers for this site, say what they played last week. Why should you care? No reason. But if you are interested for some really odd reason then I would hit the jump. So hit the jump if you are.

Stevie Grant- Writer of Top 10 Worst and Boss Attack:
I got a 3DS and Street Fighter 4. Two of them in fact! Yeah Amazon kind of fucked up. So I’ve just been messing around with that. So far I love the system. Let’s just hope the good games start coming out for it soon.

Sven Wohl- Sexy new writer:
For the most part, I played Duke Nukem Forever, because I have to write a review on it. It’s downright terrible: Bad level design, horrible technical difficulties on the Xbox version, bad graphics with some really muddy textures, bad controls, especially when it comes to driving. Yeah, I didn’t enjoy it at all, I guess. Outside of that, I played Civilization 5 and Super Mario Land on the Gameboy. Well, technically on the Virtual Console of the 3DS. I really enjoyed that, because I never had a handheld before the DS, so all that stuff is new to me. Really looking forward to the Gamegear games heading to the system!

Josh Newey – Writer of Sounds of Sega and Twenty Days of Sonic:
I’ve been playing…brace yourselves… Sonic games. Games about Sonic the Hedgehog. Games in which you run fast. As a Hedgehog. You break the sound barrier and so you have been dubbed “Sonic”. They are games. They are Sonic games. Blah.

Also, I just got BlazBlue Calamity Trigger from Goozex, and I quite enjoy sucking at it. I’ve always wanted to try sucking at the series, but never got my sucky hands on it before. As an admirer of the crazy design of the Guilty Gear series and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, I’m finding BlazBlue’s art style very appealing indeed. I especially like the dude who looks like that monster from Spirited Away. You know the one.

I played a little bit o’ Spyro 2, a little bit o’ Virtua Tennis 4, and a little bit o’ (FREE) Excitebike on my 3DS. All of which are lovely. There’s a dog in my lap so I’m typing one-handed. The End…?

Kris Knigge- Reviewer and Podcast Co-host:
I’ve been a E3, so I’ve been playing a lot of stuff! Let’s see here…

Street Fighter X Tekken (really fun, by the way), 3rd Strike Online Edition (lots of extra content there), Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, Dragon’s Dogma, Sonic Generations (good stuff on all consoles), Anarchy Reigns (still not sure what to make of it, but it’s like Bayonetta + Power Stone), Guardian Heroes (feels good man), Shinobi (not what I expected), Binary Domain (ehhhh), Kirby Wii (amazing!), Frogger 3D (with Tak Fujii! It was mind-bending), Peace Walker HD, Snake Eater 3D, Otomedius (not quite Parodius), the Cursed Crusade (a brawler… From Atlus?), Kid Icarus’ Multiplayer, and some other stuff. It was fun, but I’m totally wiped out!

Tom Kyzivat- Artist and Podcast Co-host:
We hit up GameWorks again for the release party of Stern’s Tron pinball game, and it was pretty cool! I totally suck at pinball games, even though I really like them, so my game didn’t last all that long. It was fun, though–I would have liked to see more toys on the playfield, and maybe a more forgiving ball saver (cough) but overall it was cool! I didn’t really play much else while there, except for my usual domination of air hockey. I bring the heat, son.

The heat. He brought it.

Alex Riggen- Editor in Chief and Podcast Host:
I’ve been playing the exact same thing as last week and my thoughts are pretty much the same. I’m getting towards the end of Viking and still enjoying it and the combat is growing on me. As you unlock more moves it gets much deeper and less frustrating. As for Sonic Chronicles, I don’t really like it too much thus far so I’m hoping the game starts to pick up soon. It just feels a little too uninspired and I really don’t enjoy exploring the environments, even though that’s usually my favorite part of RPGs.

And that was what some people in the world were playing! Good times all around! If you would like to contribute to the good times, send in a post card to the usual address or leave an internet comments. I’ll see you next week for the exact same thing! Woo!

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  1. I’m totally using the “Tom Brings the Heat” tag in the future. On everything.

  2. Tom “Bringing the Heat” Kyzivat.

    PS, are you not getting my emails Stevie? I swear I responded to this.

  3. John Doherty:

    Tom “Bringing the Heat” Kyzivat.
    PS, are you not getting my emails Stevie? I swear I responded to this.

    I don’t think I did. Sorry

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