Food Addicts Podcast: Episode 4 – Gruel and Unusual Punishment

The cast of Episode 3 returns and boy, do they not disappoint! There’s cereal, yogurt, french fries, and even a spur of the moment improv comedy sketch that will have you rolling on the floor laughing!

Get it here.

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  1. who comes up with these names? and why were u eating mutated muffin/cupcakes?

  2. Ha, ha! I’ve been coming up with some of them, but most are from the internet. You’d be surprised (and probably horrified) to see what kinds of corny crap comes up when you type in “food puns” into a search engine.

    And yes, I’m not proud of it, but I do enjoy mutant muffin/cupcakes. Mostly because I’m poor and I’ll eat anything that’s free. 🙂

  3. also is that one teacher person named ms. G related to the famous G in house of the dead?

  4. Mitsuwa is a pretty great store. We have them here in California as well. Everyone I’ve been to has had an amazing food court with lots of authentic Japanese fare. I’ve been to a few that rival the size of a small mall. I always come home with a ton of goodies after a Mitsuwa run, well worth your time.

  5. I tried the Rolo Mcflurry a day or so ago. It was pretty amazing. I felt like I didn’t get enough Rolo pieces though.

  6. @ninjajosh: Yes, I believe she is related–oftentimes during class a little winged demon monster would fly around and talk shit to her.

    @John: Sweet! The Mitsuwa over here is quite a bit smaller than that, but it’s definitely a magical place! And yes, McFlurries as a whole are a bit suspect–lots of pieces on top, but barely anything at the bottom. Rip. But, as rip-off McFlurries go, I thought the Rolo one was quite good! 🙂

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