Sonic Golden Rings sounds like an awesome cereal

Living in Europe, I never got all those amazing videogame related cereals that came out in the United States. I kind of wonder why there isn’t one based on Sonic though. Anyway, has an amazing feature up where they made up some cereal brands based on videogame series and Sonic just had to be a part of it!

  • Stooball

    I loved it when Sonic didn’t talk. When asked about his awesomeness, he simply sped off. Action, not words

  • Manic Maverick

    Oh man, EPIC NOSTALGIA. I probably would have been pissed about hearing Sonic talk if I hadn’t been so heavily into Adventures of Sonic.

    Why didn’t Wiener Snitzel adopt Sonic as their mascot…

  • grolt

    RACE FOR THE TASTE! Haha, I totally used to get Honey Nut Cherios back in the day because of this. Thanks for the trip.

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