Mech game Border Break gets some Sonic stickers!

The Arcade game Border Break Air Burst Ver.2.5 that is released today in Japan gets some Sonic Anniversary goodies: Two stickers as seen here on these pictures. Well, yeah, they call them ’emblems’. They still are stickers though.

Seems kind of disappointing. How about a huge Sonic or Robotnik mecha instead?

[Source: Andriasang]

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  1. Pretty cool, what game is this?

  2. it looks like virtual on

  3. Sorry, can’t really tell you what it’s about…

    • It’s basically a massively multiplayer giant robot arcade game in Japan. From what I’ve understood it’s kind of like Virtual On but slower paced and much larger scale with the amount of players and arenas. It’s a shame we’ve never gotten it overseas.

  4. I would buy it

  5. Sounds really interesting!

  6. They should let you design one, like Tokyo Extreme Racer. Although I guess that’s risky for online play….

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