New rumors about Sonic Adventure on 3DS, new Storybook title!

He seems ready...


Alright, this is something apparently being said by the Sega Mexico representative: The Storybook series (Secret Rings, Black Knight) is planned as a trilogy, which would mean there is another game in the works. He also mentions another Superstars game and hints at a Sonic Adventure 3DS. All this is of course unconfirmed, but you know what they say: behind every rumor hides some kind of truth.

[Sources: Gonintendo and Tssznews]

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  1. they took the news down. They said it’s a misunderstanding

  2. Darn it. I was hoping for sonic and the jesus like in the podcast

  3. Bleh I was about to get all excited. Unless…..the misunderstanding was a coverup!

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