Conduit 2 development hampered by demoes

Here’s an interesting bit from a feature Gamasutra did on High Voltage, the developers of ‘Conduit 2’ on the Nintendo Wii: According to Kevin Sheller, Senior producer of the game, constantly building new demoes of the game for show floors and the like made development more difficult. He writes:

“Members of any team thrive when they have clear goals to accomplish and the deadline in which to accomplish them — especially when these are defined early and often,[…]. Unfortunately, the milestones were never defined with enough detail, nor given to the team early enough. Instead, many of the goals given to the team were based on meeting requirements for product demos given at various consumer, media, and developer shows and conventions.”

Granted, these things actually can hurt the development, but it does not explain why Conduit 2 is, in my opinion, not only a bad game, but actually worse than the first one…

[Source: Gamasutra]

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  1. I’ve never heard that response before, can’t they just take a chunk of the game and call it a demo? I obviously know nothing about it, so you can’t take anything I say seriously.

    Thinking about it, one of my favourite demos was for Bionic Commando Rearmed 1. If you play through the not full version, you get some pretty funny commentary and banter here and there! It’s led me to always play trials first before purchasing, even though nothing else has done it

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