Details, pictures and trailer for Yuji Naka’s fishing game!

Yuji Naka’s new game at Prope is called ‘Family Fishing’ and is coming to Wii in Japan on August 4th. It’s being published by Namco Bandai and there will be a fishing controller that comes with the game and works with the Wiimote and Nunchuk.

Outside of the fishing activity, you can also run around and explore the island you live on in order to collect coins or take part in 20 different Mini-Games. It actually features Online-Leaderboards, a rarity among Wii games! Not only that, the game is full of content: 200 different fish and 1000 collectable items can be found in the game. You can find a trailer for the game after the jump!

[Sources: Andriasang, Famitsu]

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  1. It’s a fishing game, but it has a certain charm to it. I guess that’s the Yuji Naka touch, it’s good to see again

  2. Big the Cat cameo or gtfo

  3. i feel like yuji naka should be working on something more interesting

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