New Yuji Naka game available on the AppStore!

Well, this is a weird one. It’s actually not really a game, more of a exploration app. ‘PD – Prop discoverer’ uses the Unreal Engine and is able to pull off some really amazing graphics. All you do is wander around a castle and search for cards in order to unlock more areas to explore. So, my guess is, it’s some kind of paid demo. You can buy the Game here or hit the jump for a short trailer!

[Source: Toucharcade]



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  1. This catsle waits for the discoverer lol

    Looks pretty cool though!

  2. That looks really nice but should have parkour to make it more interesting

  3. Other than that new NiGHTS/Arcadia-looking game he’s doing, it always seems that Naka is just messing around. Little ideas here and there, but nothing totally cohesive. It’s kind of how I feel about Yu Suzuki now too…two great minds who’ve accomplished pretty much nothing since the Dreamcast/Xbox/GameCube generation.

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