Aliens: Colonial Marines to have new aliens and modes

In an interview at PC Gamer, Randy Pitchford gives the readers some fresh information about the upcoming ‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’. Not only will the marines have new gadgets in order to defend themselves from the Aliens, no, there will also be a new breed of Aliens, which has not yet been seen in the franchise. But, there will also be some new and interesting modes:

Gauntlet Run: this is about getting from point A to point B and everthing’s going to be thrown in your way around you. Last Stand: this is when you’re in a defined area and we’re going to be pouring in aliens from all directions.

This certainly sounds interesting, as it brings the game closer to Left 4 dead in terms of game design. Check out the full article in the source!

[Source: PC Gamer]

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  1. i just relised i havent seen an aliens movie

  2. You just realized that, Josh? It’s been 32 years!

  3. well i dont know, ive heard of them but never seen any of them

  4. Not a huge fan of the franchise myself, but the first film is at the very least a visually interesting and calculated exercise in tension. That and a remake of the previous year’s Halloween…in space.

  5. ninjajosh, most every future marines type movie/game is based on Aliens (sequel). Look at Halo, it screams the marines from Aliens. I recommend you see the first two movies, Alien (Ridley Scott) and Aliens (James Cameron). I know they come on TV all the time

  6. I also recommend the first one. Still a great watch today!

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