Knuckles shows us some speed in this Sonic Generations mod

I feel bad for Knuckles. The poor guy hasn’t seen much action over the last couple of years and has been relegated from Sonic’s bad-arse rival down to the lowly status of supporting character. At this point it seems we’re more likely to see Espio the fucking Chameleon get his own game before Knuckles is brought back into the fold.

Youtube user has set out to rectify this with this fantastic Sonic Generations mod. Watch Knuckles blast through Spagonia as the Australasian speed-demon he truly is. This isn’t just a reskin either as Knuckles uses his own animations and sound effects and, well, just watch the video!

[TSSZ News]

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  1. I have a feeling Josh just felt a tingle in his fists.

    Because I know I did.


    Also, it’s awesome that his 1-Up icon includes Espio.

    • There’s so many fantastic mods for Sonic Generations on the PC. I’m really jealous of anyone that has a computer that will run it.

      I’m lso wondering why Sega HASN’T released any DLC for Generations yet. I know I’d pay a few quid to bang about as Knuckles for a bit.

      • I know! They could easily cash in if they just replaced Sonic with Tails and Knuckles. Don’t even add variety to the levels or anything. Don’t even make Tails fly or Knuckles glide and it would STILL SELL. We buy fake hats for fake people!

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