Sega Addicts Podcast: Episode 59 – Then They’ll Be Able To Release Another $40 Version 6 Months Later

This week’s episode discusses Tails in Sonic Generations, the status of Darkstalkers 4, Bug!, Aliens: Infestation, and Praying Mantises! All relevant topics.

Also, starting Monday next week, our first standalone Sonic FanFiction Radio Play will be released. So watch for that. It’s a doozy!

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  1. Congratulations ninjajosh, Bug! is a fun game! I’m a little confused on what next week’s prize will be…but every scenario points to awesome and…secretly hoped for

  2. thanks stooball
    also, i forgot to leave a question for this episode and i thought u guys really got a sponsership for bug juice since there is an actual drink called bug juice that i see in gas stations

  3. Oh, yeah, that’s right! That drink for kids that comes in little chubby bottles, right? Well, at least a lawsuit would give Sega Addicts a lot of press…

  4. Manic Maverick July 26, 2011 @ 7:41 PM

    :C I missed asking a question. Sad faec.

    I never actually owned Bug, but I played the demo a bunch. It was a pretty awesome game. I’m definitely gonna buy it soon.

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