Sonic the Hedgehog ESP guitar in full production

The news of the commercialisation of Jun Senoue’s classic, custom-made, Sonic the Hedgehog guitar by ESP is nothing new. However, a recent article on the Japanese Sega Channel site shows the guitars in full production, with many a juicy photo to boot. The veteran Sega rocker himself visited the ESP factory late last month on the out-skirts of Tokyo to see the work in progress and to sign the certificates of authenticity that ship with the guitars themselves.

Jun told fans that the first 15 guitars had already been delivered to customers last week, via the Crush 40 Facebook page. Unfortunately for most Sonic and Sega music enthusiasts, the exclusivity of the guitar combined with its steep price tag (136,500 Japanese yen) means we’ll all have to make do with our air guitars for the time being.

[Source: The Sonic Stadium]

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  1. Is there any reason of why the guitar isn’t blue?

  2. I thought the same thing myself. While the guitar is still way past cool, it’s a Sonic guitar and the most distinctive part of Sonic’s look is his blue colouring. However it IS a replica of Jun Senoue’s original guitar, which he decided, for whatever reason, should be black.

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