Rise of Nightmares gets a new (awesome) trailer


God every new trailer for Rise of Nightmares just makes me want it more and more. The trailer, if you haven’t watched it (which you should I mean it’s in this post), pokes fun at Kinect games and Grandma’s. There’s not much to say after that unfortunately. It’s just a really funny trailer.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go beg for a Kinect just to play this game.

[Source: Sega Bits]


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  1. Damn, probably another game that we don’t get here in Germany. Besides that, great Trailer

  2. hehe I wonder what that dancing game was

  3. I want that lady to come be my grandmother.

  4. It’s THIS girl in teh FUTUR?E


  5. I hope the zombie spokesperson is in future trailers. He was the best.

  6. Fucking brilliant. XD Though the spokesman’s “I’m going to eat your brains!” nearly made me facepalm to death. Goddammit, that was so corny and overrated. I really hope it was meant to be corny and overrated. It had to have been meant to be corny and overrated. It was way too corny and overrated not to have been done purposely.

  7. Did I say corny and overrated enough? Corny and overrated.

    (Still loving it all though)

  8. Why can’t commercials for video games stick to showing game play footage? Offensive grandma is just lame.

  9. I don’t even know how, but this reminds of 90s advertising.

    Anyway, I agree with Manic. It was hilarious until the spokes-zombie said he would “eat your brains.”

    But hey, at least there is advertising for this game! The people need to know!

  10. @Matthew It’s a throwback to the classic Sega advertising

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