Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown get its first trailer

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdon, the XBLA and PSN-only new version of Virtua Fighter 5 now has its first trailer and it looks great so far. Most of the characters are being shown off and the graphics haven’t been reduced, even though it’s a downloadable title. The game looks great so far, unfortunately there is no release date yet.


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  1. I’m still kind of sad this is download only. It’s true that Virtua Fighter was never the brand here that it was in Japan – evident by the fact that gamers at the start of the 32-bit war chose the horrid Battle Arena Toshinden and the first Tekken over Virtua Fighter 1 & 2. 3tb was a terribly middling port by Genki (AM2 felt porting it themselves like they did the first two games was a loss at this point). I had always heard that 4 & 5 did well for SEGA, but apparently not well enough. And here we are at download only.

    Still, excited to see the Sumo guy back in the fray after being introduced (and subsequently forgotten) in 3. I know it changes the dynamics a lot, but I’d like to also see the uneven grounds and architecture coming back to play a prominent part in battle like it did in 3.

  2. I actually really enjoyed the uneven grounds as well, good buddy grolt! One of my favourites was Wolf’s sand dune arena

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