Sega Addicts Podcast: Episode 64 – They’re Doing Fine In Their Old Age

This week’s episode discusses: old meat, Billy Hatcher, banning games, Hellraiser, and baked salami. Actually that baked salami part is made up but the rest of it is true. I don’t even know for sure if baked salami actually exists. I would imagine it does, but it is a meat that is typically eaten cold or at room temperature. It’s pretty good. I enjoy it on crackers with cheese.

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  • Stooball


  • ninjajosh

    i love the headline picture for this episode!

  • BigSkorpy

    Yeah Alex’s beard looks so manly, even if he wears a chicken hat.

  • Ha, ha! Thanks, guys. 🙂 And Stoob–hell yes! Classic Pinhead for the win.

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