The Sega Addicts Kids Table: Episode 16 – The Inevitable Sonic Generations Episode

Warning: This episode may contain spoilers for Sonic Generations!

As you might be able to tell, this fun packed episode of The Sega Addicts Kids Table is all about Sonic Generations! It’s a brilliant episode which will surely make you glad to be alive. But wait! There’s more! Along for the ride with John, Josh, and I, are the brothers Kyzivat! Both Mike and Tom from the main Sega Addicts podcast join in on our conversations about the most recent entry in the Sonic series, and more. That’s two guests for the price of one!

Apart from making fun of cockneys we also discuss our usual games of the week, and read out an amazing iTunes review that we got. It’s so much fun, it should be illegal!

Download it here.

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  • I already left a review for the podcast when it came on iTunes. How sexy does that make me?

  • Stevie Grant

    Are you dinosuarlover69?

  • No… no I’m not.

  • Stevie Grant

    ok good haha

  • What did he/she/it write?

  • Stevie Grant

    We read his review in the episode.

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