House of the Dead 4 took nearly one year to port to PS3

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As reported recently, House of the Dead 3 made its way to the PlayStation Network.  Sometime in the future, House of the Dead 4 will be joining the PSN line-up, but did you know it took almost one year to port the game to the PS3?  Hit the jump to read the quote explaining the process!

“It took almost a year to adapt The House of the Dead 4 for the console, from the initial game design to the product,” a Sega representative explained in an e-mail to Siliconera. “The main obstacles in converting The House of the Dead 4 from the Lindbergh board to the PS3 were the OpenGL and the data format conversion.  Also, the PS3 has only 256MB of RAM while the Lindbergh board has 1GB, making the conversion challenging.”

 ”We did more than simply upscale the resolution to 720p. We brought the game render buffer up to 720p as well,” says SEGA “This makes the graphic quality and resolution far superior to all of the previous versions. In addition, we have re-made almost all of the UIs [user interface] in HD resolution.”

So there ya go!  Not only is the game coming to your living room, but it is getting an overhaul to boot!  I for one am excited for this since I have only enjoyed HOTD 4 a handful of times in the arcade.  It is also reassuring to know that Sega is taking the time to make sure their ports are 100% ready.  Anyone else plan on picking this up?  Or are you sick of the zombie outbreak trend?  Or do you prefer watching The Walking Dead while tightly holding your “Move Controller,” in fear.  You can be honest, we don’t bite.

[Source: Sega Bits]

  • matty

    Too bad they can’t do that for HotD1 (they lost the original code for that, right?). I think that would be a worthwhile project. I want to shoot that bat in the second level!

  • Haha yeah that would be sweet. I’m not sure if they lost the code to the original. I do know that they neglected to put HOTD 1 on the Wii collection because the game did not look up to par no matter how much polishing was done.

    I do know the original code was lost to Panzer Dragoon Saga, but that’s a story for another day.

  • grolt

    Never really liked HOTD4 in the arcade – it seemed too clean and tamed down compared to previous games in the series, but I look forward to giving it another shot at home. I always love it when SEGA ports over their arcade stuff, like what they’ve done recently with Daytona and After Burner Climax. Keep it up and I’ll keep buying!

    • HOTD 4 does have a different vibe than the other games. It seems a little less over-the-top and cartoony but I still enjoy it. The game is so hard in the arcades though that I’ve never gotten very far so I’m excited to play through it on the PS3.

  • Josh Newey

    I’m very curious to see what HOTD4 does with the series. A “serious” HOTD game sounds downright odd to me, since 90% of the franchise’s charm derives from its goofy delivery. I’ve been playing HOTD3 for review (LOOK FOR IT SOON!), and I really think my enjoyment of it is primarily because of the way it stays true to 2’s camp.

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