Sega will not be publishing any future Marvel titles

TQ Jefferson, Marvel’s vice president for game production, gave an interview recently with The Holywood Reporter on future plans for games based on Marvel comic and film IPs. When asked whether or not Sega will be involved in any of these plans, he made the following statement:

“There are no current plans for additional Marvel games to be published by Sega.”

So there you have it. Although the general consensus is that this decision is best for Marvel, Sega and for the gamers themselves, considering the less than average reviews gained from recent Sega-Marvel titles, it is still a shame to see that Sega will be losing out on such a grand range of strong and popular licenses. Which side of the fence do you sit? Let us know in the comments below!

[Source: Sega Bits]

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  1. I don’t see anything bad about this. SEGA struggled to make their Marvel games worthwhile and so it’s better if someone else picked up the slack and tried their hand at creating something good.

  2. Marvel has been a crutch for SEGA as of late. This move forces them to look internally and hopefully revive some existing IPs and focus more on their own catalog than those of others. This move should really be no one’s loss.

  3. Well. At the very least I don’t have to play any Thor games again.

  4. As much as it shames me to say it, I haven’t had the pleasure of playing a Sega published marvel-based game. Well, not a current generation one anyway. It sounds like I’ve been missing out on some funnies though. I do love a crappy game now and then just in the same way I enjoy a good old crappy film.

    • You’re in luck because Thor and Iron Man 1 & 2 are some of the worst games I’ve ever played. I actually enjoyed Captain America on the 360 though.

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