Sega working on HD-Port of K-On PSP title

Image from PSP-version (via Andriasang)

In 2010, Sega released a PSP game based on the immensely popular Anime-Series K-On which is now going to be ported to the PlayStation 3 as part of Sony’s PSP Remasters program. Not only does it get HD graphics in the re-release but also 3D stereoscopic output and Ad-hoc party online play. It will be released during the summer!

While this isn’t all that exciting news for us in the West, it leaves open the possibility for other HD-re-releases of older Sega PSP titles.

Like Valkyria Chronicles 2 and 3.

[Source: Andriasang]

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  1. no regeon codeing so if its on disk
    never ending girl song here i come! =P
    ha ha fuwa fuwa time!=P
    when ever i look At you i feel my heart go toki toki
    i get so giggle and wiggle like a marchmellow flopipoppipe
    see you you working all so hard
    I should probably stop now but i do like k-ons music and hope sega will make a girls dead monster song game soon! Segas realy good at there music games!

  2. Mr. Bradkal, it’s good to meet a fellow K-ON! fan. I’ve been waiting for the PSP game to go below $50 before importing it, but I may grab this on day one. Who knows?

    I do know I need some After School Tea Time…. which sounds so wrong.

  3. Yeah sometimes the songs do sound wrong!
    And when your a guy it can be embarrassing when you realise people have been listening to you singing never ending girls song which also sounds wrong in the right context,
    I was gonna get it for the psp but I don’t think I’d play it much now that my handheld is a vita but on the ps3 I know I’ll play it.

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