Phantasy Star Online 2 gets a first video for the PlayStation Vita version

While the first two minutes is mainly the producer talking about the Vita version of the upcoming Phantasy Star Online 2, the rest is well worth your time, regardless of wether or not you speak Japanese. It shows first footage of a very early build of the game running on the new Sony handheld. If you own both the PSVita and PC versions, you can play the same character at home and on the go. That version of the game will arrive sometime in 2013, while the PC-version will come out this year! No Western release has been confirmed yet.

[Via Segabits]

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  1. Would rather have a Phantasy Star 5, not a big fan of the online ones

    • While I’m a fan of the Online games I agree that a true Phantasy Star JRPG would be amazing to see. I wouldn’t be surprised if it never happens though since it’s been almost 20 years since we saw Phantasy Star 4.

  2. I’m very interested in this game now that it’s going to be on the Vita because I know a few people who would grab it. Having never played the first PSO, this one looks like it may be a great time to jump in.

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