Sega Addicts Podcast: Episode 86 – Who’s the Boss?

This week’s podcast focuses on those enemies you fight at the end of levels in games that have more HP and do more damage than the regular enemies. Sometimes they have a weakspot that glows and sometimes you just have to successfully complete a QTE to rip their heads off and throw it in a blender.

In addition to all the boss talk, we also discuss a little Yakuza: Dead Souls, some great Sega news, and the release of Game Gear games on the 3DS.

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  • Stooball

    Totally agree about the bosses today compared to yesteryear. I liked how you pointed out that levels used to prepare you for the boss fight, as compared to hitting the correct switch then letting loose on the weak spot, wash, rinse, repeat

  • Rob95D

    I have been listening to the podcast since the very beginning and have loved it, but lately I have really began to fall behind. Really gotta catch up on episodes and put some other podcasts on hold for a while.

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