Rumour: Shenmue 1 and 2 HD remakes already complete, Shenmue 3 a possibility

According to a not further described industry source of Gamerzine, both the HD versions of Shenmue 1 and 2 are already complete and ready to be released. That’s not the best thing yet, though: According to the site, Sega is sitting on those HD versions right now because they can’t decide on the future of the series yet. This comes shortly after the hint at a possible re-release too!

So, Shenmue 3 is being discussed?

[Via VG247]

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  1. Wow. If this is true that is extremely exciting news for Sega fans. I would love to see both games re-released in HD and I think it would be in Sega’s best interest to package the games together.

  2. On the other hand, they could capitalize on each title individually. You know, in order to make up the losses from Binary Domain flopping in the West.

  3. Interesting…I can’t see them announcing a third until they gauge the success of these re-releases. You always wonder if titles like Shenmue or NiGHTS would have been more successful on the more popular console, so it would be interesting to see how Shenmue 1 & 2 would do on the 360 now that there’s such a broad install base.

  4. I’m highly skeptical on this. I can’t see them doing both games at all, and planning a third to boot. Sega has been fairly cautious with there DC re-releases (and old IP’s in general) and this doesn’t fit that at all. A more reasonable route would be release Shenmue HD, see if the sales/interest are there, and then go from there. The only way I could see a logic in knocking both out is if the cost wasn’t to much more for whatever reason.

    Also, why wouldn’t they be putting out some hype?! Creating a little frenzy PRIOR to its completion??

    I’d love to see it, but if this is all true, especially the bit about 1/2 being completed, then presumably they would be out soon, yet we are barely hearing about it.

  5. @shiggidy
    First, the rumour doesn’t say they would be available soon. They can still be half a year off, and Shenmue almost promotes itself by now.Second, there have been several reports a few months ago about Shenmue surfacing on Partnernet. Sega has quite the history with that service…

  6. Well, I’d really love to see both games come out as one package and I’ve to actually play them at all. It’s the same with the Panzer Dragoon series. If Sega were to re-release these game series together, it would be great news for Sega fans, but I just don’t see it happening. Releasing them one after the other online is the safest bet, and Sega can’t take any risks.

  7. Zoinks!

    Somehow this seems all too crazy for me to consider true. Although at the same time, Sega has been known for listening to their fans. Maybe someone finally started taking the past decade of Shenmue outcry into consideration?

  8. If this is true it’s such great news! I never got to play either Shenmue and they are two games I have wanted to play with a few years now. To finally get the chance would be brilliant! People say Yakuza is like a spiritual successor to the games, well I love the Yakuza series so that only gets me more excited.

  9. I’ve always loved the Yakuza series so if this is what inspired it I’ll definitively check out the HD-revamp.

  10. If they do release these I hope that they do a physical release like most of you seem to be assuming, but it will probably just be a digital release but I will get it regardless.

    • Yeah I’m sure this will be a digital release like the rest of the Dreamcast rereleases. It might make it onto a Volume 2 Collection disc though.

  11. I wonder why I haven’t commented on this yet? I guess the only comment I can think of is


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