Many announced games might not get published by Sega anymore

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Following the recent news about the current financial situation over at Sega, 4 franchises have been noted to be safe from any kind of cuts: Sonic, Football Manager, Total War, and Aliens. Up until now, we weren’t too sure what that meant for other games. Now inside sources over at IGN say:

“any currently announced game that isn’t included on that list will not be published by SEGA, leaving a decent amount of the publisher’s upcoming publishing roster in jeopardy. “

They also state that a lot of jobs have been axed over at Sega of America, with pretty much the entire QA team gone now. Best wishes to those who’ve lost their jobs among those cuts.

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  1. Correction: THIS is the worst news I’ve heard.

    Absolutely gut wrenching that Sega’s willingness to try different things has gone unrewarded. Even more gut wrenching to learn that they are potentially changing their tune because of that. With the financial returns of games like Binary Domain however, it’s hardly difficult to imagine why.

    My heart goes out to any SOA folks who lost their jobs. This is truly painful if accurate.

  2. This is so sad. My heart really does go out to those who lost their jobs as I have been around that directly with friends over the past year more times than I care to count.

    I’m glad to see that Aliens has survived as one of the series. I really hope this does not effect Anarchy Reigns as far as a cancellation.

    These kinds of events harken back to why there are so many Call of Duties and so few Catherines in the video game industry, which is also sad.

    This would never have happened if they put out a second Ristar game years ago. Oh but I jest.

    • It kind of sounds like Anarchy Reigns might end up being published by someone else. If what they’ve said is true here I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case.

  3. @Alex
    That’s what I was thinking as well. This statement is still somewhat vague in regards to titles like Anarchy Reigns, but that vagueness makes sense since Sega can’t completely speak for companies like Platinum.

  4. @ Alex and Scott
    It definitely appears that way if this news is indeed true. If that’s the case, it could be the hardest bit of news I’ve had to swallows since I started on this site. Platinum Games is easily the best thing Sega has going for them at the moment. I get that they’ve never been the most profitable developer, but they have delivered some of most memorable games of this generation, and the possibility of Anarchy Reigns leaving Sega’s prospective library is just too sad to imagine.

  5. Wow.

    I don’t even know what to say. Just, really depressing. Heart goes out to the people that got axed. And the feeling that whatever tiny chance of a Resonance of Fate sequel happening is completely gone just sucks.

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