Sega vs Capcom, Part XII: Minutes to Midknight


Are you as sick of sparkly vampires as I am?  Hit the jump to see a vampire the way nature intended: rotting, disgusting and ready to bust your face open with Jeet Kun Do.

Now, before we get to this week’s character, I hear some naysayers are actually doubting that this game, Sega vs Capcom, actually exists in the future.  These sayers of nay believe I’m just drawing these characters myself, and that this game is totally not real and I’m dumb and lame.  Well, to help my case, I’ve included some of the praise it’s received in future magazines, or as they call them, “space-o-zines”.  Observe:


“Sega vs. Capcom has single-handedly brought back 2D fighters, in a big space way!”

-Digital Gaming Monthly


And how ‘bout this one?


“Sega vs. Capcom is everything that Tom Kyzivat had hoped it would be!”

-Sega Power


Need more accolades?


“Sega vs. Capcom is definitely a game that exists, here in the future!”

 -Genuine Magazine Monthly


Or this one?


“Tom Kyzivat is awesome and handsome and awesome.”

  -Totally Real Magazine That’s Not Made Up …Monthly


Well, c’mon, guys–that’s more opinion than news, but I appreciate the gesture.  Maybe that will give those negative Nancys the proof they need.  And if not, ol’ Midknight here will use his crazy chemical vampire powers to tear them a new one, then drink their energy out of it.  It’s about as pleasant as it sounds.




And there you have it!  Tune in next week to see who else will enter the fray!  In the meantime, check out the other fighters in this totally-for-reals game:

ShinobiSonic, Tyris Flare, Shadow, Axel, Shun Di,  RistarBeatAlex KiddKnucklesNiGHTS

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  1. Badass, as always! You ought to do a mockup character select screen once you’ve got a full roster.

  2. I agree with Josh’s idea. Any chance they had a roster of helper characters in the future? I could totally see Big the Cat doing a random body slam and then chasing Froggy off the screen.

    Oh my gosh this game needs to exist.

  3. Thanks, guys! I too wish this game was a reality, and not just an outlet for my unnatural obsessions about retro games. My psychiatrist says I’m making headway, though.

    Uh, anyway, yeah, I think a selection screen could be in order! And I actually hadn’t considered third-string assist characters–I was going more with the MvC2 idea, that your other two team mates did your assists. I try to compensate by having other characters in each series be a part of their special moves. I loved it when Capcom did that (like with Jill, Captain Commando, Jin, etc.)! Capcom’s so good at fan service. 🙂

  4. I also just realized that Midknight is the 12th character in the series. 12 o’clock midnight. Didn’t even intend that. Guess I’m even dorkier than I thought I was. :I

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