Check out this Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed interview

Fresh off the heels of Transformed’s unveiling, Sega is already getting the word out there with plenty of interviews, screenshots, and reveals. This interview with GoNintendo doesn’t give us a whole lot of new info, but it does offer a couple shots for the new Monkey Ball and Panzer Dragoon tracks, and some news regarding a more robust physics engine.

Perhaps the most interesting bit is that the old All-Star Move system, which generally assisted players dwindling at the end of the line and pretty much ignored skilled players in the first game, is being overhauled in favor of a meter that fills up as players perform tricks and collect coins on the track. This is really appreciated for me, as I am getting sick of my sister dangling the cart racing sub-genre in front of my face as proof that I am not better than her at every game.

[Source: GoNintendo]

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  1. Looks like the game is going the Diddy Kong Racing route, which I have no problem with. I hope Edge and his Dragoon will be a playable racer, that would be awesome. And I hope Gilius gets to ride on one of those bird/lizard hybrid creatures from the original Golden Axe game. I kind of don’t like how all these players are contained to vehicles (unless they are Ryu or someone who actively uses the vehicle in their game). Sonic R has a better approach by just having Sonic running, because when you think about it, Sonic is still the fastest racer but it has nothing now to do with his inherent foot speed but instead because he has a car with more muscle? It’s a little convenient.

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