Rare 32x game Darxide gets a region-free reproduction

A seller on eBay is currently selling a reproduction of the ultra-rare 32x game, Darxide. The reproduction looks to be quite well done with a full color case, manual, and game cartridge. Even more impressive is that the game is region-free so US systems will be able to play the game unlike the official versions of the game that were only released in Europe. Currently, copies of the game are selling for nearly $200 which is kind of high for a reproduction but I guess it’s cheaper than the $1000 the official copies often go for.

Darxide is a very impressive 3D shoot-em-up for the 32x that was originally meant to be a launch title for the cancelled Sega Neptune, which, combined the Genesis and 32x into one console. I’d love to get my hands on a copy of the game someday but that price tag is a little steep for my tastes.

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  1. This game looks really good for a game that was released in 1995. Looks quite fun as well

  2. 200 big ones? Ouch. I’ve been wanting to get into buying repro carts for some time now and even though the vast majority of them are amazing labours of love, I yet to find the guts to bite the bullet and buy one.

  3. I really like the idea of repro carts. Especially for games like Darxide that are extremely rare and/or region-locked. However, this high price tag kind of defeats the point.

  4. It might have a high price tag due to the fact it may be only a few reproduction carts and has not been mass produced.

  5. Reproduction carts are awesome for getting rid of those region locks. But wow, those prices…

  6. As someone who has been involved in the reproduction scene for SMS games, I’m still not really cool with the idea of selling reproductions for any more than the actual cost it took to make. If you own the copyright, it’s one thing, but these people are essentially profiting off somebody else’s work, and at the same time making it monetarily prohibitive to experience some video game history.

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