Sega vs Capcom, Part XVII: Funkadelic!


Word!  Are you Poindexters real enough for this week’s funky character?  Don’t be a doofus and hit that jump to prove it!

Well played, Funk Master!  You are worthy to see the galaxy’s funkiest, hippest, coolest, jammingest, wackiest aliens ever!  ToeJam & Earl  have come all the way from Planet Funkatron to kick some lily rumps in Sega vs Capcom!  Betta not front, son.  Fer rizzle.




Till next time, kiddies–keep it real!  And don’t forget to check out the other characters in the game!  Select your fighter below:


Readers Comments (4)

  1. Wow, Earl is a BEAST.

    Another great one, Tom! I really wish more fighting games had moves like “Total Bummer.”

  2. Haha loving these full on character move lists and everything. You guys are doing all the leg work, someone just has to go out and program it!

    Seriously though, considering Sony is now doing a Smash Bros. type game, I wonder how long it will be until SEGA finally throws down in the ring. That would be so awesome.

  3. Like the special moves. This is probs one of my favorite

  4. Thanks, guys! 😀

    I agree, Grolt–Sega needs to do that ASAP! You never know, with how popular their All-Stars series are now. Though a fighting game might be a bit niche for a series that mostly tries to cater to kids, but you never know!

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