Captivating trailer released for new Sonic fan game: Sonic After The Sequel

A year ago Sonic fan LakeFeperd unleashed upon the world his fan game Sonic Before The Sequel, which turned out to be a very well put together and wholly original game bridging the gap between the first Sonic game and its sequel. Well, LakeFeperd is at it again showing off his newest creation, Sonic After The Sequel, a trailer for which can be seen above.

The trailer shows off loads of awe-inspiring levels, original sprites, some truly awesome looking bosses and a hat-wearing power-up system of some sort. I for one am incredibly impressed by LakeFeperd’s trailer as he seems to have brought numerous new aspects to the 2D Sonic formula, while keeping within the spirits of those classics at the same time. Perhaps Sega should take note and get this fellow working on Sonic 4 Episode III ASAP? Let us know in the comments below!

[Source: TSSZ]

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  1. I would honestly pay money for this game. It really looks impressive and so much like the good ol’ days. HIRE THIS MAN, SEGA.

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