Click on this Flickr to pick out some kickin' pics of NiGHTS HD and Sonic Adventure 2 HD

I couldn’t resist, I’m sorry. But once you see the pictures in Sega’s most recent Flickr update you will agree that they are kickin’ or whatever the kids say these days. There are a few pictures of the last days of the Phatansy Star Universe servers (*tear), but the real impressive screenshots are the NiGHTS HD and Christmas NiGHTS HD selections. It really is exciting to see a game from the age of jagged polygons in such vivid and smooth textures. I have already happily changed my desktop wallpaper. The Sonic Adventure 2 screenshots are equally impressive with the widescreen showing just how big the game really is with its giant boss battles and open worlds to explore. Is it somewhat sad that I am more excited for these re-releases than any of the “triple-A titles” releasing this fall? I don’t think so. What about you?

[Source: Flickr]

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