Eddie Lebron's Sonic fan film to debut at MAGFest 2013

With two years in the making behind him, Eddie Lebron is finally set to debut his Sonic the Hedgehog fan film at next years MAGFest. The film is set to be screening throughout the whole festival (which takes place January 3rd-6th), with an online release following on the 9th. You can watch the movies latest trailer here and read up on MAGfest itself here.

The movie itself is 25 minutes long and serves as a prequel to the Sonic canon. It even features the voice of Jaleel White which also gives the movie another layer of indulgent fan service. But do all these elements necessary make a good movie? Only time will tell but for now we can only hope.

[Source: Blue Core Studios]

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  1. After all these years, the Sonic model still looks very bad!

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