Ivy the Kiwi? now available on iOS? Answer: Yes

With the iOS market already overflowing with auto-runners, I suppose it makes sense that Prope’s adorable and simplistic little “platformer” about using vines to direct a perpetually running bird has made its way there.

After gracing the Wii, DS, and Windows Phone platforms, this charming little title by Yuji Naka’s studio has now spread to idevices for $2.99. This version will offer ten stages of play, as opposed to the 100-stage Wii version.

While my feelings on Ivy the Kiwi? are generally mixed, I’m surprised it has taken this long to reach Apple’s store. Using the pointer to direct vines across the screen seems perfect for touch controls, and the game’s easy-to-understand formula and snappy stages will fit into any average subway ride.

[Source: Touch Arcade]

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