Streets of Rage 4 prototype rejected 10 years ago


Legendary Sega composer, Yuzo Koshiro, was at MAGfest last weekend to DJ some mad beats. Before the show, however, Destructoid writer, Jayson Napolitano, decided to find out if there was any hope or rumor of a Streets of Rage sequel. According to Koshiro, his team had been contacted about 10 years ago to build a prototype for a Streets of Rage 4. This prototype was quickly rejected and nothing has happened since.

Koshiro continued to tell Destructoid that if he were to compose for a modern day Streets of Rage game the music would be emotionally varied “modern club music.”

Do you think we’ll ever see a new game in the Streets of Rage franchise? What are your thoughts on modern club music?

[Source: Destructoid]

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  1. Yuzo Koshiro can never rub me wrong; no matter how ‘varied’ his work becomes! Maybe he could write the soundtrack anyways!

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