Anarchy Reigns makes it to 16th in UK charts

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A lot of people’s concerns for Anarchy Reigns when it was coming out was that the lack of decent advertising would hurt its overall sales. Well with its release date behind it we can finally look at the figures and judge it’s success. According to UK chart statistics the game in fact entered into the 16th spot right under Dishonored and above the latest Skylanders outing when it first debuted last month. Not too hopeful unfortunately since both those games are months old but I personally think the true test will be to see how long it stays in the charts.

Honestly I think a lot to do with this is the January release date. But what do you think? Could Anarchy Reigns have sold better with a more strategic launch? Or was it always destined to be a niche title? Let me know in the comments!

 [Source: Chart Track via Euro Gamer]

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  1. For its debut that’s not even all that bad, Sonic & All-Stars Racing was ranked a lot lower in its first week. The problem is that now the game has already dropped out of the top 40, while S&ASRT continues to stay at around the 14th place. But this was pretty much a given, we probably won’t see Sega release a new IP like this anymore. They simply don’t have the means to market them. As far as I can tell, all their remaining retail releases consist of franchises that they know are profitable. And given how the market is evolving, it’s probably the correct choice. Only handing over Bayonetta 2 to Nintendo seems like a mistake to me. Sure they still own the IP, but they took away the game’s potential to become another popular multi-platform franchise.

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