Gameplay of cancelled Aliens: Crucible leaked

Over 12 minutes of gameplay from Obsidian Entertainment’s cancelled Aliens RPG has surfaced online, revealing how much of the game had been finished. The game was announced by Sega in 2006 but cancelled without explanation in 2009.

Known as Aliens: Crucible, this follows footage found very recently displaying early animations of the game. While unfinished (my favourite part of the video being the human squeals of pain from the aliens) there was a substantial amount of work done. The video shows early, solo gameplay, as well as playing in a four-member party. There is dialogue and even custom character creation. Considering the controversy surrounding Aliens: Colonial Marines and less than stellar fan reception, this is a massive tease in the face of Alien fans of what could have been.

[Source: Unseen64’s Dailymotion]

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  1. This unfinished footage has more atmosphere than the finished Colonial Marines

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