Sega Addicts Podcast: Episode 122 – Acclaim on Sega Part 8

Sega Addicts Episode 122

In this episode we discuss Hatsune Miku’s potential journey to the West, the Shenmue III Kickstarter rumors, the release of Sonic Dash, cat whiskers and, of course, continue our never-ending series on Acclaim by discussing Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball, Revolution X, Galactic Attack, Myst and Scooby-Doo Mystery. If you truly believe that “Music is the Weapon” then this episode is for you.

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  1. Great Show, (as was said in the podcast) I agree! Alex you were very cool & on FIRE! You put the Knowlege Hammer down on me, in turn smushed me into the Light of Your Wisdom. I thank you for that. I now bow to you (always while keeping one eye on opponent or Friend) and say kudos Sh?fu

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