F-Zero GX has been hiding arcade game F-Zero AX all this time

Sega’s official entry in the F-Zero series, GX, was funnily enough one of the strongest titles in the Gamecube library even with all first party games considered, but what we didn’t know is that the arcade spin-off, AX, was actually hidden in that small disc in its entirety. Released on the Triforce arcade system, a cross effort between Namco, Sega and Nintendo, I remember the game for being blisteringly difficult but others might recall the ability to unlock tracks with use a Gamecube memory card, connecting the two titles.

The discovery was made by a modder known as “Ralf”, and for those of you interested in finding the free game you never knew you had, F-Zero AX is accessible by use of an Action Replay cheat device. All of the codes you can find here.

Anyone else going to dig up their copy and investigate? I wish I even had an Action Replay!

[Source: Joystiq]

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