Free launch day Pontus DLC announced for Total War: Rome 2

Hate paying for day one DLC? Like free things? Creative Assembly feel exactly the same way and have announced free DLC for Total War: Rome 2, coming to all players launch day. A playable faction, the Pontus bring the current total up to nine. Situated in the cold mountains surrounding the Black Sea, they are characterised by their scythed chariots, able to slice straight through enemies. But Creative Assembly can tell you a little better in the above video.

Fans of Total War have likely already seen the recently released video walkthrough of the Battle of Teutoburg Forest, which was a spoil enough after whetting our appetites with a trailer of the same battle. Likewise, I’m personally excited to play (also free) MOBA Total War: Arena and my eyes are staying peeled on that. Creative Assembly clearly like their fingers in lots of pies, as I wouldn’t be surprised to hear about a possible Alien title soon too (which is nothing to do with that Aliens title, either!)

[Source: VG247]

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  1. Creative Assembly are really in tune with their players. Sega are dead lucky to have ’em!

    • Tommy Carver-Chaplin May 2, 2013 @ 1:19 PM

      They’ve always been a very thorough and dedicated studio. Pretty much all of their products have been fantastic.

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