Second Sega Pluto makes it way onto Ebay


Not the first Sega Pluto discovered but the second has now been placed up for auction on Ebay. Owned by Roger Vega – known as kidvid666 through his YouTube channel – the console was purchased for $1 at a flea sale. It previously went up for sale through a different auction service, raising a whopping $7600, though it clearly wasn’t enough as it didn’t meet the reserve price.

Separating this Pluto from the previous, it’s not in excellent condition: the disc tray is broken and requires a weight on it to function, though it does still function. A prototype console, the Pluto is a rough evolution of a Saturn with the only real difference being an inbuilt modem. While it is one of only two known versions of the console, there is definitely the possibility and likelihood of a Japanese third version existing.

Follow us for ongoing coverage of the Sega Pluto (it’s gotten us quite excited!) and you can find our full coverage here.

[Source: Ebay via Joystiq]

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